the perception company

The idea counts!

  • The seed of a creative idea is just the beginning.
  • It grows. And grows.
  • It touches our designers, our copywriters, our digital team.
  • It takes root. And it grows.
  • It relentlessly gets under the skin of our marketers, our planners, our buyers, our printers.
  • It grows to bursting point.
  • It flows into the market place.
  • It touches people everywhere.
  • It reaches the subconscious of viewers, listeners, readers, even your competitors.

It’s consumed, it’s absorbed, it creates the desire. And it never, ever stops.

Welcome to Perception.
Creativity drives everything that we do.

Get our creative juices flowing...

Image is everything?

Every business has a soul and it is our job to reflect that soul.

We do this through brand design, which captures your company’s unique image.

Whatever your brief, whether you require a logo refresh, an entirely new look, or a complete brand conception, direction, management and implementation solution, we will create your brand style with ideas, substance and soul.

Brand me

Influence your audience.

First impressions are lasting impressions.

For you, we work hard to create unique, infinite variety of ways to attract attention in the marketplace and distinguish your business from the opposition.

We build sustainable campaigns on your objectives, on carefully constructed strategies, on diversity, creativity, and above all, on the potential to raise your image, influence your market and help you to succeed.

Make my image count

It's all in the mix!

Marketing embraces your brand, communicates your business with your audience and influences sales. It’s one of our primary services because it is pivotal to everything that you, as a business, should do.

Without marketing, you cannot move forwards. With marketing, you can move mountains.

What matters to you?

The bottom line counts.

At Perception, we’re about one thing. Growth.

Growth in your business. Growth in ours.

Our mix of expertise and skills, from design to marketing and everything in between combine to provide you with a highly motivated full-service advertising and design company.

We’re here to stay. Are you?

Yes, I’m here to stay